Video gaming is an important medium reflecting our time

The video games of the 80's and 90's have had a undeniable impact on my personal creativity. The movement, colours and music merged with a unique aesthetic captures my imagination.

I've always found myself drawn to visuals based on systems and repetition

The games of these times uses pixels to create the objects and shapes seen on screen. In my art I translate video game screenshots into needle point as the concept of pixelation mimics stitches on canvas.

To enter the colourful worlds of these games bring me sheer happiness

My art is my way of sharing these experiences by recreating visuals true to the source material.

The choice of technique is to a large extent dependent on the source material

In my creative process I'm striving for a constant variation in my choice of method and material. I challenge myself to find new combinations of stitches and threads.

I love to discover and incorporate dormant techniques

The endless stitch and material combinations within this craft continue to fascinate and inspire me. I want my works to be rooted in classic needle point, mirroring the legacy of the craft.

The entirity of my body of works are made with my own hands

Performing this slow and methodical craft is a fundamental part of my artistry, and reaching the end and seeing the finished result is an emotional journey. Just like the seemingly impossible challenges of some video games, starting up a new needle point project can sometimes feel overwhelming.

In contrast to the permanence of crafts, video games are a transient medium

An intricately detailed background or character may be visible for a short moment before being lost forever. My art is based on a strong motivation to share these images and present them, and the craft, in a new context and to new audiences.

The catalyst of my artistry is love; the love of video games and the love of craft

The similarities between such a long standing craft as needle point, and the relatively modern phenomenon that is video gaming never cease to amaze me. Digital screenshots often provide completely new associations when translated into yarn. Just like I'm constantly exploring these unexpected correlations, I hope that the viewers of my art might also discover something new when approaching my artistry.

In my works I want to create, and share, something positive, energetic and beautiful